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Served all day


Fruit, Yogurt & Pastry  $10.95---Fresh Fruit, Vanilla Yogurt, Croissant, Bagel or Toast.   add granola $1

Granola  $6.95---Granola w/ Milk.  add fruit $2

Pancake Breakfast $14.95---2 pancakes with butter & syrup with 2 eggs & bacon

Biscuits & Gravy $13.95---2 biscuits opened faced with sausage gravy, 2 eggs & bacon 

Breakfast Sandwich $14.95---egg, cheese, bacon* with your choice of a bagel, English muffin, croissant or biscuit
served with salad & fruit 

Ham and Cheese Scramble * $14.95---Scrambled eggs with cheese and diced ham. Served with potatoes and toast

Stuffed Mushroom Scramble * $14.95---scrambled eggs with cream cheese, mushroom & parmesan served with potatoes & toast

2 Egg Breakfast * $10.95---2 Eggs, potatoes & toast

Add Bacon, Ham, Chicken Apple Sausage, or Vegan Sausage  for $3


Breakfast Burritos/Bowls

Norton's  $14.95---eggs, cheddar cheese, potatoes, pico de gallo with your choice of sausage, bacon or ham

Chorizo  $15.95---eggs, chorizo, pepper jack, potatoes, avocado & pico de gallo

Carnitas $15.95---eggs, pulled pork, potatoes, pepper jack & avocado

Brisket  $15.95---eggs, brisket, potatoes, cheddar cheese

Vegan $15.95---Field Roast Plant-Based Italian Sausage, Chao cheese, tofu scramble, potatoes & pico de gallo

Veggie   $14.95---eggs, peppers, onions, mushroom, Swiss

Breakfast Sides & A La Carte

Toast $2--Bagel $3.50--Bacon $3--Ham $3--Chicken Apple Sausage  $3--Egg $2 *Each

Fruit $4---Potatoes $4---2 pancakes $8.95---2 biscuits w/ gravy $10.95

served all day

Salads and Soups

Cup  $4.00

Bowl  $6.00

Our Daily Offering of House-made Soup


Northwest Salad  $14.00---Field Greens, Red Onion, Nuts, Dried Cranberries, Blue Cheese, Vinaigrette & Blueberry Croutons

 Cobb Salad  $16.00---Field Greens, Turkey, Avocado, Tomatoes, Olives, Egg, Blue Cheese, Bacon

 Chef Salad $16.00---Field Greens, Turkey, Ham, Egg, Cheddar, Swiss, Tomatoes

Garden Salad $10.00---Field Greens, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Red Onion 

 Dressings – Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, 1000 Island, Vinaigrette 


All Sandwiches Served with Chips and French Onion Dip, Potato Salad, Slaw, Soup or Green Salad

All sandwiches served hot or cold

Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options Available


Meatloaf –$16.00---house-made on sourdough w/ lettuce, tomato, onions, 1000 Island

 Turkey- $14.00---0n a croissant with cranberry & cream cheese spread & greens

 Ham- $14.00---on rye bread w/ pepper jack, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, dijonnaise

 Monster Cheese  $12.00---cheddar, Swiss, provolone & pepper jack   Add Tomatoes - $.50     Add Bacon - $1.50

 Italian  $17.00---Salami, Prosciutto, Ham, Provolone, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Black Olives, Vinaigrette on Ciabatta

Pulled Pork  $16.00---BBQ pulled pork on a pub bun topped with slaw

 Turkey Bacon Ranch Melt $16.00---turkey, bacon, Swiss & tomatoes on grilled sourdough with ranch dressing

Clubhouse  $17.00--3 layers with turkey, ham, bacon, Swiss cheddar, lettuce & tomatoes toasted rustic bread with mayo



 5-Cheese Mac & Cheese $14.00--with bread crumbs served with side salad

 BBQ Plate $14.00--pulled pork, pasta salad, potato salad & a biscuit   add brisket  $4

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